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The US Dollar Was Getting Stronger in Asia

by Didimax Team

US Dollar seemed to be the strongest currency nowadays, paired with other currencies in the world. But it doesn't mean that Dollar doesn't have its ups and downs in the trading world, especially in Asia. Maybe it's true that the US has become higher than the usual level of currency a few days ago, but it also has been down.

There are many factors which could make dollar ups and downs as it looked right now. It's because of the economic condition of the US itself. We couldn't expect what will happen in the economic condition in a certain country because anything could happen even if without any preparation or a right calculation.


What's Happening in the US Dollar in Asia?

It has reported that the US Dolla seemed to take a deep breath in Asia after it has recovered when the market responded any kind of messages about Federal Reverse policy. Even if that so, there are still many other currencies that paired with the US Dollar still has low liquidity than it's supposed to be.
It was proved that one of the currencies which have bad liquidity with US Dollar is Japan and China. It was predicted that this low liquidity of both currencies happened because of they managed to be off and become lower, at least based on the main economic data that it has been reported all around the world.

Not only Japan and China, but the existence of other currencies such as Pound Sterling or even Euro could also bring impact toward the movement of the US Dollar. Both of the currencies really becomes a great threat of the US Dollar movement. But the US dollar still has a good currency value since the last week.

The US Dollar Condition Compared to the Last Condition

Even if the US Dollar claimed it has recovered in Asia which means that the US Dollar has great movement of its currency value, but unfortunately the US Dollar looked weaker in ISM Manufacture Index. It became 52.8, and it just really attached to the strong ADP report. But the currency value still going up and higher than before.

For example, the US Dollar was traded as much as 97.149 paired with the six main currencies. But fortunately, it was getting stronger and stronger that it has reached its higher level of currency value, which reached up to 97.616. It is much better than the last trading value condition. This is good news for the US Dollar movement.

Another good news for the US Dollar, it was definitely stable in the Asia currency. For example, the US Dollar was really stable in 111.44 yen. It was a great improvement of the US Dollar because it has been down to the lowest level in yen, which reached up to 111.03. It must be something we should be grateful for.

What Did Make The US Dollar Weaker and Stronger in a Really Short Time?

Maybe this would be a great question came from people around the world. The US Dollar was getting weaker, but it was a recovery at the same time. The Fed Leader, Jerome Powell said that there are many factors could affect the US Dollar movement. One of the factors is the inflation that happened in the US itself.

Besides the inflation, the movement of its GDP, number of unemployment, and also the number of house selling are also huge factors that could bring impact toward the US Dollar. It could change anything if it changes too much. If the inflation higher, it will affect the US Dollar to become weaker than it supposed to be.



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