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Bappebti or the Commodity Futures Trading Supervisory Agency has the following powers:

  • Issuing business license for Futures Exchange, Clearing House, Futures Broker, Futures Advisor and Sentra Fund Futures Manager; permission for an individual to become the Deputy of Futures Broker, Deputy Advisor of Futures, and Deputy Manager of Sentra Fund Berjangka; registration certificates for Futures Traders; as well as approval for the Futures Broker to forward the Client's Overseas order and to the Bank for the deposit of funds related to futures trading.
  • Approve the Rules and Regulations of Futures and Clearing Agencies and Futures Futures to be traded on the Futures Exchange, including any amendments thereof.
  • Ensure that Futures and Clearing Agencies conduct all established rules and regulations and conduct intensive monitoring and imposition of strict sanctions against violations.
  • Sets the maximum number of open positions that may be owned or controlled by each Party and the number of open positions that must be reported.
  • Establish a List of Futures Futures Futures Futures Contracts which may serve as a destination for the distribution of the mandate of the Customer in the country.
  • Conduct an examination of each Party who has a license and order an investigation and investigation of a Person suspected of violating the provisions of legislation in the field of futures trading.
  • Require each Party to terminate or revise advertising or promotion of futures trading that may be misleading.
  • Establish a means of solving problems related to futures trading activities.


Jakarta Futures Exchange [ BBJ ] – License No: SPPKB-003/BBJ/09/00


PT Futures Exchange Jakarta (known as Jakarta Futures Exchange (JFX) was formally established on 19 August 1999 in Jakarta by 29 companies in the form of Limited Liability Company (PT) in accordance with Government Regulation No. 9/99. They are from 4 oil palm plantations, 7 oil refineries, 8 coffee exporters, 8 capital market brokers and two trading companies. JFX obtained an operating license dated November 21, 2000 and started its first trade since December 15, 2000.

The establishment of JFX is based on the idea that a futures exchange in Indonesia will bring great benefits to the business community, especially as a means of hedging. That thought gave rise to a Draft Law (Bill) submitted to the Parliament in 1996 which was then approved into Law no. 32 of 1997 Concerning Commodity Futures Trading on December 5, 1997. PT Bursa Berjangka Jakarta is the first stock established under this Act.

Along with the development of futures trading industry, Law No. 32 of 1997 was subsequently revised to Law No. 10 of 2011 on Commodity Futures Trading which provides a wider space to the Futures Exchange to expand.


Kliring Berjangka Indonesia [ KBI ]- License No: 31/AK-KBI/PN/XII/2017


Based on the Law of the Republic of Indonesia No.32 of 1997 concerning Commodity Futures Trading, Article 25 paragraph 1 and 2 stated that the execution of Futures Exchange is equipped with a Clearing House in the form of a limited liability company which has obtained a business license as a Clearing House from the Commodity Futures Trading Supervisory Agency .

In the Commodity Futures Trading industry, PT KBI (Persero) has a strategic role as a Clearing House, with a business license obtained as a Clearing House in Indonesia in accordance with the Decision Letter of Commodity Futures Trading Supervisory Agency No.128 / BAPPEBTI / IX / 2001 on dated 04 September 2001.