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Let's See The Gold Prices Movement

by Didimax Team

As we know that gold is the most favourite trading commodity all around the world. It's not only common for the trading commodity but it also common to be an investment which could bring the profit for the traders or the investor. Why does gold become the most favourite commodity to be traded at any time all around the world?

Many people realized and admitted that gold has a stable price in the world market. so it is guaranteed enough if someone is going to trade it or even make it as their investment. Even if gold can experience the price dynamically, the gold price is rarely going down. Most of the time, the gold price is always increased.


The Gold Prices Condition Nowadays

Gold price got improvement recently. Today, the world gold price reached 658.000 Rupiah per gram. this price has increased up to 2000 Rupiah since the Wednesday trading on April 24, 2019. Yesterday, the gold price is still in 656.000 Rupiah per gram. It is applied to Aneka Tambang company which concentrate on gold selling and trading based in Indonesia.

Besides the increase of the gold prices, the buyback also improved to 577.000 Rupiah per gram. it is also up to 2.000 Rupiah for the increase in the price. This improvement applied in Aneka Tambang office based in Jakarta, Pulogadung. That gold price is already included the tax as much as 0.9%. but you still can get the discount

You will get the discount up to 0.45% if you bought your tax ID number. It is a kind of good facility that you, as the traders or the buyers, could get when you have a transaction in Aneka Tambang Company. If Antam gold is 658.000 Rupiah per gram, then it becomes 303.800.000 Rupiah per 500 grams.

Did The Antam Gold Price Affect by The Increase of World Gold price?

The increase of the gold price mentioned above is only valid and applied for Aneka Tambang Company in Indonesia. But how is the condition of the world gold price in reality? Did it affect this Antam gold prices? If you are going to know the answer, then it will be no at all. The world gold prices never affect Antam gold.

When Antam gold prices and the buyback increased, it's different from the world gold price movement. Instead of improving, the price is just getting down. It is because the global gold prices got a correction. The gold prices in the spot market were getting weaker 0,2% in the position in US$ 1.272,15/ troy ounce on the last trading.

As it is known that Comex gold has experienced a derivation of its prices today. Based on the Bloomberg data, the Comex gold prices were down 0.12% or as much as 0.70 points in US$ 1.277,90 per troy ounce. If it converted to the dollar, the gold price was on US$ 1.275,30 – US$ 1.278, 20 per troy ounce in between.

The World Gold Prices Movement

Unlike the Antam gold prices which got up and increased, the world gold price was always experienced the derivation time by time. It was proved that in the last 11 hours, the gold prices got down 8 times. For the June contract, It was down to 0.26% or 3.3 points to the level of US$ 1.276,10 per troy ounce.

The derivation keeps on going down on the last 10 hours, to 0.12% or US$ 1.277,90 per troy ounce, 0.14% to be US$ 1.277,60 per troy ounce, then keep going down to 0.17% to US$ 1.277,20 per troy ounce. It was still going down to 0.10% to be US$ 1.278,10 per troy ounce, then to be US$ 1.278,70 per troy ounce.



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