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Top Rules of Forex Day Trading That You Shouldn’t Violate

by Didimax Team

Since you learn Forex day trading, you will want to know about a few rules that are important to be followed in this case. Day trading rules can become a guide for you to be more careful in trading foreign exchange. Different to other trading styles, day trading focuses more on short-term trading instead of long-term.

Understanding the Forex Day Trading and Its Common Rules

Day trading is a short-term trading activity where those who do it are called day trader. A day trader typically opens and closes a position in the Forex market on a daily basis. However, it is possible that they hold a position in the market more than or less than a day. For further information, let’s check this out!

What Is Forex Day Trading Actually?

In general, day trading refers to the activity of buying and selling of foreign exchange within a single day trading. It is usually based on the small, short-term fluctuations of price. This trading style is perfect for those who don’t like to hold a position in the market for days or weeks and want to get quick profits.

The Top 5 Rules of Forex Day Trading That You Shouldn’t Miss

If you think that day trading is right for you, it doesn’t mean that you can jump to the market right away. Becoming a day trader requires you to learn some rules for winning. There are several rules that you shouldn’t violate if you want to gain profits in performing day trading activity. Without further ado, here are the rules.

Rule #1: Day trading isn’t an investment

First of all, you need to understand that day trading isn’t a kind of investment. This is basically a short-term trading activity which is performed to achieve profits from the difference of price movement in a day. You need to know that there are so many risks you might face in day trading. One of the risks is volatility.

Rule #2: Benefit the high volatility market wisely

As we know, Forex market is very high in volatility where the up and down of a currency occurs in a quick pace. It can be a great benefit if you can employ it wisely. However, it can turn into a huge problem if you cannot take a position with caution. That’s why a good analysis and management is needed.

Rule #3: Day trading isn’t a kind of gambling

Day trading isn’t a kind of investment. However, it isn’t a gambling as well. You should never think that day trading is just a gambling. This type of mindset will only make you trade without thinking and end up losing your money in the Forex market. Even though it isn’t an investment, you need to trade based on serious analysis.

Rule #4: Apply 5W+1H rules in day trading

The rule of 5W+1H is not only useful in writing. You can also employ this rule in day trading. Day trading requires you to have an excellent plan before taking a position in the market. In planning the strategy, you need to apply the 5W+1H rule to ask yourself about what pair you will trade, when to trade and more.

Rule #5: Develop the right habits of a day trader

Lastly, you need to develop a good habit of a day trader. One of the best habits is to spend your first 15 minutes to analyze the market once a session is opened. Then, you can start to find a chance on placing a trade in the market. Another good habit is to learn Forex trading continuously for better strategy.



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