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Top Pro Female Traders You Need to Follow on Social Media

by Sahabat Artikel

Top pro female traders you need to follow on social media. Study found that female traders tend to take lower risk on trades and acquire a long-term orientation. It makes some professional female traders a good figure to follow along with the male traders who are bigger in number. In the world of trading, there are actually some professional female traders that you can follow on social media to learn Forex for pro traders.

Top 7 Pro Female Traders You Can Follow on Social Media

Thanks to the more advanced features provided by social media, now we can benefit it more in various field of daily lives. When it comes to your world of trading, you can benefit social media to follow those professional traders who like to share helpful tips and knowledge for trading. The following is the top seven pro female traders you can find on Twitter.

#1 Kathy Lien 

For any Forex trader out there, Kathy Lien @kathylienfx is surely a must-follow figure on Twitter. Lien is well known as fundamentals expertise. She is likely to provide you a precise rundown of the everyday market events and also the way they may influence your trades. She not only observes the news, but also offers excellent tips on how to trade Forex the right way.

#2 Kristin Bentz

Kristin Bentz is another great figure in the world of trading that you need to follow. With about 11,000 followers on social media, this woman that you can find at Twitter @talentedBlonde is a former Wall Street trader that recently trades, chimes in and blogs on the newest market developments. Although she is not as popular as Kathy Lien, she is surely a great trader.

#3 Mella

Mella, a pro female trader who can be found @Mella_TA on Twitter is for sure one of the highlights when it comes to Twitter finance. She offers killer charts, funny commentary as well as timely updates about the world of trading. In addition to a pro Forex trader, she is known as a pro-Brexit and is not hesitated to tweet about it on social media.

#4 Abigail Doolittle

Another great female trader that you can follow on Twitter is Abigail Doolittle @The Chartress. As her social media handle implies, Doolittle likes charts. Once you follow Doolittle on her Twitter, you will get newest update on 10-year Treasury yields as well as other market developments. Doolittle’s feed also involves many inspirational quotes that can encourage you when the market is bad.

#5 Lydia Idem Finkley

Finkley is another pro trader that you can find on Twitter. Her Twitter id @faithmight usually provides timely updates especially on fundamental forces in the market. She is well-known as a Forex commentator who concentrates on silver and currencies. Despite her update on fundamental forces, she is also a highly technically expertise who is not afraid to boast her charting techniques.

#6 Cathy Curtis

Cathy Curtis is an RIA, CFP and financial advisor who is as gifted as the others mentioned above when it comes to financial markets. As a financial advocate, her Twitter @cathycurtis offers great tips for young women investors who are looking to mount the ranks of conversationally male dominated industry. Cathy’s presence on social media can encourage many women to begin investing.

#7 Stephanie Link

The last but not least, there is also Stephanie Link. For anyone who feels passionate to learn Forex and other financial markets, Stephanie can be the top source to gain recent news updates and analysis. She is a well-known financial commentator that covers everything from economic data to stocks. You can find her @Stephanie_Link on Twitter for any important financial updates.



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