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The Best Time To Buy Stocks In The Stock Market

by Didimax Team

When you hear the word stock trader, usually you will end up imagining some people with fancy suits, but today, everyone can become stock trader since there are several forex learning platforms that you can use to learn forex and thus to learn stock market. It is obvious that the business of trading is not easy, and you will need a lot of preparation in order for you to become a successful trader in the world, like warren buffet or anyone else that has generated millions of the dollar. 


To enter the stock market, now you don’t have to wander around in the city to search some stock market building, as you can now access it via your gadgets such as smartphone or laptop. Using such a gadget, you will understand the situation and the volatility of the stock market, so you will need to be careful In treading inside it. Many people are just refused to have some forex learning before they start trading, and in the end, they lost a lot of their money. 

The Difference Between Stock Trader And Investor

The stock is the stuff which is talked a lot by two types of people, which are the investors and the stock traders. The two plays at the same stage, but they have a very different perspective on how to treat their stocks at their disposal. The investors are usually the long term player here, as they will hold their stock as long as they can, and then sells it when the number has reached a certain limit they impose. They are very patient,  and will usually hold their stock for years even decade to come. 

The trader, in other words, are like a cheetah that keep running to hunt their prey, as they are continually buying and sell the stock as fast as they can. They are the short term player, and they will sell their stock whenever the opportunity arises, and they will rinse and repeat to any kind of prospective stocks they come across. Both of the sides have equal opportunity in making a lot of money, but the way they get it is radically different from one after another. 

The Type Of Traders In The World

However, this article will focus on the traders, as forex is actually an app that you can use to become the stock trader, not the investor. As for the investor, they can go to any bank and start selecting any company to invest their money. As far as it concerned, there are three types of trader that you can aspire to become one of them. the first is the day trader, the second is the swing trader, and lastly is the super trader, here is some explanation below. 

The day trader is the kind of traders that will hold their stocks for no more than 5 minutes. They are the one who constantly worries about the chart, and will sell the stock as soon as it raises above the purchasing price, even it is just a fraction of their money. the swing trader is in between the speed and the amount of money, as they will hold their stock for about a week or so. And the super trader is the one who keeps their stock for about 6 months and sells it after it reached a certain point. 

The Ideal Type

The idea of ideal type is irrelevant, but as for the beginner, it is recommended for you to become either a swing trader or the super trader. It is also imperative for you to have forex learning in order to become a successful trader in the world.



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