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Start To Learning Forex, a Simple Guide For Beginners

by Didimax Team

There's a lot of ways to be a trading market online, for instance, being an intraday forex. To do so, you should learning forex intraday as quick and steady. There's a lot of beginners at trading that interested me to be like that. Intraday forex trading is a nickname for traders who open and close running position on the same day Also, Intraday traders are very popular among beginner as well as expert traders. 

But, the differences are, beginner likely faces the obstacle at planning and executing a proper or valuable market to order at trading platforms. But don’t worry, everyone has the same chance to earn profit from trading stocks market. So, are you ready to be a millionaire? It's your decision now.


Be Brave, Investing Start About 200-500 Dollar

You might encounter a broker or person who offered you an account or ways that can do trading forex with a tiny sum of capital or investment, like 1 dollar. a beginner will think that they can earn profit from that small amount. Sorry to say, that’s impossible in intraday forex trading.

For a practical condition, you can do it for gaining experience and consider it a dummy account. However, if you want to dive trading stocks, you will have a question like how much money I should deposit as for starters. Most traders, or experienced traders at least deposit 1000 dollars or even more while trading at Forex.

According to some reports, the practical threshold of a profitable account is starting at 200-500 dollars capital. You can certainly raise that recommended a minimal amount to optimize trading opportunities. But you should be reminded, if you really a new and complete beginner, it’s wise to not investing much money at your first trading.

Limit Your Exposure, Trade By 0,01 Lot

Next is, limit your exposure, trade with 0,01 lot. There's a specific rule of thumb one, must not violate while learning intraday forex trading, always trade with 0,01 lot. You shouldn’t mistaken, it might seem way too small profit to earn. Make a brief note, put your own hard work, and earned money at risk. 

Using 0,01 lot will limit your capital exposure while buying you more time and chance to learn intraday forex trading. Likewise, there's no guarantee that the beginner won't lose his capital. Consider this like trade with 0,01 lot as a rule of thumb to saving your account trading from losing too early.

Developing a Trading System and Focus On It

You didn’t get a profit by raw luck. Youll need a trading system to consistently give you earning and profits from the forex market. Starting developing the market system itself, it didn’t have to be complicated. Through the trading system, everyone has started with a simple one. Basically, the trading system is your winning formula for entering or exit the market by some specific rules.

Adhering to trading a system can train beginners to wrap their strategy and how to earn a profit at the forex market. Then, you should avoid using a very small timeframe. Some the traders can earn profit from using M5 or M10 timeframe, but you shouldn’t follow or copying their fast and reactive trading decision making. 

Even you are beginners and still learning about how to set a proper trading system that fits for you. Its more advisable for you to trade in a slightly higher timeframe that ranges from 15 minutes to 1 hour, commonly called M15, M30, and H1. It's ideal for intraday forex trading, as a beginner can learning forex and will follow how the market trends go. At least, learning forex might be complicated if you didn’t try for yourself right now. Just take a leap of faith, and learning by doing.



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