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Everyone Can Become A Stock Trader Today

by Didimax Team

The world has progressed so much, that now everyone can become the stock trader, without even needing to do forex learning. This is doable, but obviously very risky since the trading is using actual money, and therefore you need to understand the business of the stock market before even you start doing some trading in the stock market. remember, the stock market is a very volatile place, as the slightest disruption can change the price radically, be it up or spiraling downward. 


The thing that you can get after doing some forex learning is, you can understand how the stock works, and you can also start by doing some kind of research that will be extra helpful if you are about to drop your money and buying a certain amount of stocks from a certain company. You don’t have to stick to the principle that the more famous a company is, the higher the revenue you will get from buying their stocks. Take Facebook for example, as their stock price plummets after a data fraud scandal.

What Do You Need To Prepare To Start Trading

Trading means that you need to have a lot of preparation before even start entering the apps. Basically, the more money you have, the better, as you can buy more stocks, and more return after the price rise. But due to the nature of the apps, you can start by merely 100 dollar, as it is the base limit for the price itself. Secondly, you can start doing some research on the company that you are about to purchase their stocks, and the more data you have, the better leader you will have. 

Business is about trust, the more trust you have to a certain company, the higher the price their stock will be, and vice versa. Therefore, you need to keep an eye to the scandal, or company issue, as it will disturb the trust, and eventually lowering their stock prices. This is the dilemma of the famous company, as the more spotlight they have, the more scandal they can be revealed, and the lower the stock price they can ever have. 

The Kind Of Trader You Need To Know

There is three kinds of categories that you can have when you are doing some trade, as every one of the traders must fall under one of those categories. The first is, you can be a day trader, as this is the most basic, but a popular trader in the world today. this kind of trader only hold their stock for about 5 minutes, and then they will immediately sell their stock after the price has gone up. They usually set up a stop loss, so that they won’t suffer losses too much. 

But a day trader is not the most efficient kind of trader, as the ratio between the gain and the effort is simply imbalanced. You are putting too much effort in just a fraction of cash from your purchasing base, and therefore it is not recommended to any beginner to become one. You can be either a swing trader of the super trader, as both of them are very stable, and yields the most result. but both of them are holding their stock for a long period of time, from a week to months. 

How To Become A Good Trader

A good trader is an informed trader. As we have stated above, you need to know the situation of your country or the home country of the company. And more importantly, you must do some forex learning before start trading forex in any stock market.



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