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Becoming Professional Stock Trader In Your Country

by Didimax Team

The stock trading used to be exclusively for the people who wear fancy suits, and talking loudly to their client in the wall street, but now, you can do forex learning in any kind of gadget you have, and become a stock trader by yourselves. This is obviously the case today, as there are so many things you can do when the tech allows you to do so. The stock market now is open for the public, and everyone can become a stock trader using only apps and some small cash inside the apps. 


Because the majority of huge companies such as the four horsemen, the fortune 500 and any other companies has undergone the initial public offering or IPO, then almost anyone with cash today can purchase their stocks. You can now become an investor using only a hundred dollars and will get more money in revenue. But obviously it is not easy as you will think, and you need to do forex learning before embracing the stock market and doing some trade inside. 

The Investor And The Trader

There are two kinds of people that will buy stocks, which are the broker or the trader, and the investors. Both of them hold a certain amount of cash as stock in their pocket, but they treat their stocks differently. The stock trader is the kind of person that sees the stock as a commodity, and then they will start selling and buying stock as soon as the time and price fits their wants. This is because they are the short term player, unlike the investors who treat their stock as an asset. 

As we have mentioned above, the investors are the one who keeps their stock for years or even decade to come, and therefore they usually will end up with huge money, especially if the company they are trying to invest in the kind of company that is good in generating revenue and less scandal that is spotted by the media and exposed to the public. Both of them are perspective, but this article will focus more on the trader rather to the investors. 

The Kind Of Traders You Want To Be

When you decide to hop into the world of trading, therefore you can start recognizing the three types of traders that you can be in the first place. First, you can start to become the day trader, in which they are holding their stock for less than 10 minutes, and sells their stock as soon as the opportunity arises. They are the rush kind, and very exhaustive, and therefore, it is not recommended for you to become the day trader at all.

The reason is simple, as the money that you are going to make is not large at all, and therefore you can start by searching for any other kind of trader. The swing trader has a good balance between the speed for you to generate income and the amount of money you are going to make. But the best trader you can aspire to be is the super trader, as they are very patient as they will hold their stock for about a month or so. Usually, they are the one who makes much of the money. 

The Basic Tips For Any Trader

Trading forex is never been easy, and therefore you need to invest your time in learning the trading aspects, such as the kind of trader that you want to be, the company that you are going to invest and so on. You can also start investing your time doing forex learning right now.



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