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Becoming A Successful Trader With Forex As Your Partner

by Didimax Team

There is a lot of trading platform that you can use here in Indonesia, and one of them is forex, and this platform is quite good and comprehensive, as they also provide the forex learning courses for you to masters. There are three kinds of benefit that you will get once you have chosen forex as your trading platform. the first is, you can get so many companies that have been integrated into the forex itself so that you will have so many choices for you to pick and purchase. 


Second, there are a lot of key features that you can use when trading inside the forex, such as stop loss and revenue. The stop loss is extremely important, as they will start selling your stock automatically when the price has dropped to a certain amount. This is important, as it will prevent you from suffering too many loses, and therefore minimizing your risk. The third one is the real-time help center that can help you glide in the apps easily. 

What To Do After Buying Some Stocks

There are two kinds of people that are going to buy stocks, which are the investor and the trader. The investor is very different from the trader, as they are very stable, mature and patient. They will never freak out when the stock market crash such as happened in 08, in fact, they will start buying the stocks when they get too low and therefore very cheap to buy. Usually, they will hold their stock for about several years and even decades to come. 

But the trader is different, as you can see in any movie such as the wolf of wall street. The trader is the one who wears fancy suits, and talks loudly on the phone and constantly yelling to their mobile phone. They are aggressive and will pursue the highest amount of money, with little as no time as possible. Therefore, you can start picking which sides are you on, when talking about the stocks, and how on to treat your stock as a trader or as an investor. 

How To Become A Trader

if you do choose to become a trader, then you can start by getting some idea about what kind of trader that you aspire to be. There are a lot of types of trader that you can be, but it usually falls to the three major categories which are the day trader, the swing trader, and the super trader. The day trader is by far the most popular and the most used type of trader that you will encounter once you have entered the stock market or any trading apps such as the forex. 

The day trader is the one who will keep their stock for just about 5 minutes or so, then sell the stock almost immediately after the price began to rise, even it is just a fraction from the base price. This is actually not very recommended since it yields so small money, but with so large effort. the second type is the swing trader, as they are the one who sells their stock after holding it for a week or two. This is the most balanced between the money you will get, and the speed you can have. 

The Ideal Type Of Trader

If you do hate the rush and small money, then you can try to be the super trader. The super trader is the opposite of the day trader, as they are very patient and very resilient. You can learn more about the super trader while doing forex learning.



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