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A Story About Investors And Trader In The Stock Market

by Didimax Team

The world of stock market is now accessible to all , and there are a lot of platform that offer the online courses to better grasp the stock market, and one of them is forex learning platform. This is genuinely from Indonesia, and therefore the stock that is there is mostly Indonesian based company such as ANTAM, TELKOM and so forth. If you are an Indonesian and looking some best app to trade stocks, then the answer is no brainer, which is the forex itself.


But before you even start entering any one of the stock market, you better equip yourselves with some good information about the stock market itself, the tips for you to do a better trade, and so on. This is because the world of stock market is not easy at all, and therefore you can start by taking an online course about forex learning and then entering forex to do some trade. The online course must be taken regularly, and they are free of charge so you don’t have to worry about a thing. 

Between The Investors And The Traders

There are two kinds of people who cares so much about the stocks, which are the trader and the investor. Both of them pursue the best stock, but each of them treat their sock rather differently and thus creating a different result. The investor is the kind of people who are extremely resilient and patient, as they are never freaking about the price while the stock market crash, just like what happened in 08 of the mortgage house crisis. This is the worst time for the trader, but not for the investors. 

And trader is differing so much from the investors, as they are very short minded and so aggressive in searching for revenue, as they will start selling their stock as soon as the situation get haywire, or when the stock price rise, even it is just a fraction of the base price. The forex apps is more suitable for you to become the trader instead of the investor, as they have so many features such as the chart, the stop loss and so on. if you do want to become the investor, you can go to the bank and open up an investment account. 

Knowing The Day, Swing And Super Trader

If you have set and really want to become the trader, then you need to understand the three types of trader that currently exist in the world. First is the day trader, as they are very popular among the beginner, as they try to seek out the best price, with little to no time. The day trader usually just hold their stock for about 5 minutes or so, and therefore they rarely keep their stock in a very long time. This is actually not a very good type of trader you can be. 

The second is the kind of trader that will hold their stock for about a week or so, which is called the swing trader. The swing trader is the kind of trader that will hold their stock quite a long time, and then they will sell it when the opportunity arises. This is a good balance between the money you are going to make, and the speed you need to make money. 

The Super Trader In The Stock Market

And the last type of trader you can be is the super trader. They are the one who are very good at making money, but hold their stock for the longest time. You can learn more about the super trader while doing forex learning.



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