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How to Run Forex Trading on Android Smoothly and Successfully

by Didimax Team

Forex trading on android offers the flexibility of open and close trade execution wherever you are. It is whether In between busy work, socializing, and when stuck in traffic jams on the road. 
The facilities needed are increasingly minimal, just a gadget and an internet connection. No wonder these have become increasingly prevalent in the last two years. 
However, is doing that on android safe and really profitable? For answering that question, everything depends on you as a trader who do this activity everyday. 

Forex Trading on Android Tips

There are several tips shared by Profesionals if you want to do this smoothly and effectively. Below are the right tricks,  so prepare your gadget and internet connectivity right now 
1. Pay Attention to the Screen Size
Neither the brand nor the price of the mobile phone is important. However, that screen size is a very important factor to pay attention to. The larger the screen size of the phone, the better it will be for trading. 
 Using a phone with a minimum screen of 5.2 inches or larger is good for forex trading on Android. Pay attention to the battery capacity too. 
The larger the battery capacity of A gadget, the better it will be for trading. Better, choose the one that does not require recharging within a minimum period of 10 hours of normal daily use. 
2. Choose the right application 
When choosing a mobile trading application, don't just pay attention to its popularity on the Google PlayStore. Also look at the website of the broker that released the application.
Then check its regulatory status and reputation. All steps in choosing the best and most trusted broker must still be taken to ensure that we are not caught in online scams under the guise of a broker.
3. Use the Mobile Demo Account 
Forex trading on android let’s you to use the free demo account too. Like the desktop platform, the mobile trading app also features a demo account with free virtual funds worth thousands of US dollars. 
This is the best means for you to adapt to the ecosystem on android. Even though you already have a real account and usually trade via the desktop, you should not rush to trade real via android. 
The sensation is different. First try the various features of the application with a demo account. After mastering it, then move on to real one. 
4. Watch out the Over-trading
Forex trading on android does make it easier, but it also makes you prone to newbie mistakes such as over-trading. It is recommended to use the mobile trading application only for execution.
It is especially according to the plan or a pre-prepared trading system only. Remember! The profitable system is tested and not just based on intuition. Be extra careful not to over-trade.
5. Monitor the Chart
When monitoring charts, use landscape and avoid portrait views. Generally, mobile trading apps facilitate landscape and portrait transitions flexibly.
It can be done simply by clicking on a specific menu or changing the position of the phone). If you don't find a way, don't hesitate to listen to the help center menu.
Ask via the broker helpline access available on the application. That will make your forex trading on android activity is not only smoother, but also safer. 

Always Join a Legal Broker 

Besides choosing the best forex broker, you should join a legal one to. It must be under a trusted institution or company in a country. 
The example is Didimax forex broker which is legal and has the modern direct market access system. Besides that, it also cokes with the low spread and competitive costs for every traders. 
Don’t worry of anything and join Didimax right now. You can even join from your phone and do the forex trading on android tricks above. 



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