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How to Learn Forex Trading Effectively without a Mentor

by Didimax Team

Before being a professional trader, people must understand about the right ways to learn forex trading properly. One of them is by using a service from a mentor or forex teacher. 
Recently, this kind of service is quite easy to find. However, a beginner mostly difficult of maybe unable to find the right one because there are so many aspects need to consider. 
Those are like the personality of a mentor, cost, views, up to the risks of following the fake teacher. That is why; someone maybe has the only choice and it is a self-coaching.
Tips to Learn Forex Trading without a Mentor 
Even so, learning forex without a mentor is not impossible to do although the challenge will most likely be more complicated than studying from a professional mentor.
Here are some tips if you want to learn forex trading with self-coaching method. These tricks are effective and easy to do. That is why; don’t forget to practice them. 
1. Never Let a Forum like a Teacher 
This tip is actually for an individual person. Sometimes, joining a forum or community will make you feel confuse because there are so many opinions appear there. 
That is why; it is better to learn from a book, especially if you understand the English language. Mastering that language let’s you have richer references than other people. 
Choose the books which are written by the well-experienced traders. It means that they really know the real condition of a market. So, what is the function of a trading forum? 
Actually, you can still learn forex trading from that platform, but just function it as a place to find some answers that you cannot get frok a book. 
2. Free Platform
Nowadays, free coaching feature is always offered by many brokers out there. It can help the beginner traders and in the other side it is also a good promotion tool. 
You can use that feature to understand more about trading. Make sure to focus on the thing that you want to know such as certain questions about forex 
3. Start with fundamental and technical analysis 
If you want to learn forex trading properly without paying a coach, start everything by understanding about the technical and fundamental analysis. 
You must study about the basic skills first such as market attitudes, entry-exit performances, or some other technical things like that. Then, you are ready to study more. 

What You Need to Prepare

After doing the things above, you should prepare some things in order to start this self-coaching method. First of all is making a forex journal which notes all of your records since the beginning.
It also notes all of your performances. Besides that, you must often do a reflection and be honest to yourself. Write those things in a certain note and screenshot any charts that you need. 
However, please ensure to learn forex trading based on your own style. The example is if you are a detail person and love to note everything. You can just do that instead of always drawing the charts. 

Choose a Best Broker to Support You

Besides doing the ways above, choosing the best forex broker is also recommended to do. This platform always comes with the best and complete features.
Didimax forex broker is a great example because it has the low spread and competitive price. Besides that, it is also a legal one because Didimax is under a regulation of the trusted companies in the country.
You can trust this broker with it’s direct market access system. Besides that, it also has the fastest execution only in milliseconds. The mobile, web, and desktop versions are available. 
So, join Didimax right now to support your self-coaching method. You are ready to learn forex trading effectively and safely with this broker. 



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